In 2009 Andy and Chelsea Hall realized that despite there being more slaves than ever before in human history, no one in Tucson, AZ was talking about it. Andy and Chelsea were undergrads at University of Arizona (not married at the time) and began collaborating with local community members. They were encouraged to begin a grassroots coalition to provide free education on human trafficking. Thus, Southern Arizona Against Slavery (SAAS) was born. In 2011 Southern Arizona Against Slavery was verified a 501(c)3 nonprofit, with the mission statement,

“A community coalition fighting all forms of trafficking in Arizona and around the world.”

Chelsea Hall obtained her masters in Social Work, and Andy Hall obtained his law degree in the years that followed. They provided resources for sting operations, they organized a trafficking conference at the UofA, and they educated thousands throughout Tucson. 

In 2017 the reins of leadership were handed to Maggie McCane. Maggie and the SAAS Vice President, Sarah Herndon conducted a community wide needs assessment and confirmed the continued need for trafficking education. So the education continued. SAAS is proud to go into group homes every year to educate the most vulnerable youth about trafficking. SAAS provided a national presentation through zoom during the pandemic, and Maggie and Sarah were presenters at the Southwest Behavioral Health Conference in 2022. With increased donations, SAAS has implemented a billboard and bus stop awareness campaign. The image was created in collaboration with a trafficking survivor who shared what she would have needed to feel seen and helped her get the support she needed. 

In 2024, Maggie McCane transitioned to start her own private therapy practice and handed over leadership to Norma Darnell . Maggie's extensive knowledge and experience in combating human trafficking remain highly valued by SAAS. Consequently, she has become our preferred therapist for working with and referring survivors. One of our pillars is providing high-quality, trauma-informed therapy, a service exemplified by Maggie. You can directly connect with Maggie on her website . Rehoboth Therapy & Wellness | Virtual Therapy Across Arizona (rehoboththerapywellness.com)


SAAS continues to be run by a team of volunteers, so all donations go directly to the mission of fighting trafficking. All educational presentations are tailored for the group who requests the training, with the most up-to-date statistics on trafficking.

Request a training, make a donation, volunteer your talents, and JOIN THE FIGHT today!