Welcome to Southern Arizona Against Slavery! We are a community coalition dedicated to fighting human trafficking in Arizona and around the world. Please explore the links above for more information about human trafficking, about SAAS, and about how you can become a modern-day abolitionist.




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We are currently committed to assisting Operation 13:2 in providing intervention services in Southern Arizona youth group care and foster homes. Contact us to learn more about this project and how you can work alongside us.

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What We Do

We believe that community education is critical in the fight against trafficking, because everyday citizens are the ones best equipped to spot and report human trafficking.  We create professional presentations that are unique to each audience with the most up-to-date statistics and relevant stories. We can equip YOU to become a modern-day Abolitionist. We are a 501(c)3 and all of our directors and members are volunteers. This means that 100% of your tax-deductible donations go to increasing awareness and ending slavery. SAAS strongly believes in the power of collaboration, and for this reason we are dedicated to connecting with like-minded organizations and individuals, whether that be through collaboration, partnership or fundraising efforts.

Stories of Modern-day Survivors

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