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<title>Donate - Support Survivors</title>
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<h1>Support Survivors of Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking</h1>
<p>100% of your donation goes directly to support survivors and our mission. Choose one of our pillars to donate to:</p>

<div class="pillar">
<h3>Emergency Shelter</h3>
<p>Provide safe housing for survivors in immediate need.</p>
<a href="YOUR_PAYPAL_LINK_FOR_SHELTER" class="donate-button">Donate to Emergency Shelter</a>

<div class="pillar">
<h3>Counseling and Therapy</h3>
<p>Offer psychological support and therapy sessions for survivors.</p>
<a href="YOUR_PAYPAL_LINK_FOR_COUNSELING" class="donate-button">Donate to Counseling and Therapy</a>

<div class="pillar">
<h3>Legal Support</h3>
<p>Help survivors with legal assistance and advocacy.</p>
<a href="YOUR_PAYPAL_LINK_FOR_LEGAL_SUPPORT" class="donate-button">Donate to Legal Support</a>

<div class="pillar">
<h3>Job Training and Education</h3>
<p>Provide job training and educational opportunities for survivors.</p>
<a href="YOUR_PAYPAL_LINK_FOR_JOB_TRAINING" class="donate-button">Donate to Job Training and Education</a>

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