Mary was born in Mexico. When she was about 17 years old, she was persuaded to go to the USA with the promise that she would have a better life and be provided with a job. A man promised to take her and look after her. However, when she arrived in the USA her life got a lot worse. She was given a job at a factory packing vegetables. But she was escorted there and back every day and was never allowed to go anywhere on her own. She was never paid for the work that she did. She was given drugs and was badly abused. She wasn’t allowed to go and see a doctor when she was ill or hurt. She wasn’t allowed to leave her apartment except when she went to work.

The man who took her to the USA threatened her. He said that if she tried to escape she would be deported – sent back to Mexico – or hurt by the immigration authorities – the people who decide who can stay in the country. Eventually Mary managed to escape with her young son. She is now staying in a special centre that looks after people who have been trafficked or abused. She is being given shelter, food, clothing and advice about what to do next. She is hoping that she will be able to stay in the United States and start a new life.