Board of Directors

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Maggie Bellino


Sarah Herndon

Vice President

Skyler Dickenson


Skylar Dickenson is a secretary at a Tucson dialysis clinic.  After hearing so many shocking statistics about slavery and human trafficking, Skylar decided to act on her passion for volunteering by joining SAAS in hopes for improving and supporting Tucson’s community.  In her spare time, you may find her tending to her garden, attending yoga classes, or hiking in southern Arizona.

Victor Bellino


Victoria Bellino

 Team Lead

First being introduced to Human Sex Slavery through a friend’s organization and realizing how pervasive the issue is.  Then my daughter Maggie became President of SAAS and I thought what a great way for me to get educated and involved in resolving the epidemic of slavery in our own state and hopefully beyond our borders.
I truly enjoy volunteering.  I like working hard to help someone or some organization out. I especially like to help young teens who may be in crisis or just need direction.  I also enjoy being in the outdoors; hiking, walking, gardening, swimming.

Eric Ferguson

IT Lead