Community Forum on Sex Trafficking

You are invited to attend an important event:

Community Forum: Sex Trafficking in Our Homes, Schools and Community

Date: Thursday, June 13 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm – see attached flyer for more details

 A message from Steve Kozachik, Tucson City Council, Ward 6:

Last week, on Tucson City streets the news reported two attempted abductions of children. The perpetrators are now behind bars. Last month a mother rescued her teen-aged daughter up in Marana after the youth had been abducted. And most of us are familiar with the story from Cleveland, Ohio where three women were finally rescued after having been held hostage right in the midst of their own neighborhood for several years.  Sadly, our children are falling victim to sex trafficking daily, and all too often the results are not the happy endings described above.

On Thursday, June 13th the Center for Community Dialogue will host a forum entitled “Community Forum: Sex Trafficking in Our Homes, Schools and Community.” We will be joined by KOLD News Anchor Heather Rowe who will serve as facilitator and emcee for the evening.  This timely and immensely important presentation will take place at the Pima Community College Downtown Campus in the Amethyst Room from 6pm until 8pm. Please see the attached flyer for more details.

The forum will include a frank and honest discussion of the vulnerabilities our children face, warning signs that your kids may be being lured into a dangerous trap, and steps you can take to prevent that from happening. Our presenters include a trafficking ‘survivor,’ and two women who are experts in the field from both a therapeutic and an academic standpoint. There will be no sugar-coating in the presentations, and you will be given plenty of time to interact with other attendees to share your thoughts on the topic.

This issue is present in our homes through social media. It is present on our City streets, in every area of town. And the information you hear on the 13th will both shock and inform you as to how you can protect your kids. If you can carve out time on that evening, please to join us at this event – bring your scout troop, church group, or any other youth group with which you’re affiliated. Parents, mentors, significant others and the youth for whom they’re responsible are all invited to participate. See the attached flyer for details.

I hope to see you there.

Steve Kozachik

Tucson City Council, Ward 6


Click here for flyer PDF: Community Forum Sex Trafficking June 13 2013 Flyer


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